Welcome to Hypnotherapy in Winchmore Hill, Enfield and online

I work with adults and children to help you improve your confidence, relieve you of phobias and fears, lose weight, overcome anxiety, improve relationships reduce pain and help you live well with illness. I also teach Confident Childbirth Hypnobirthing to expectant mothers and their partners. I work with children using Ollie Coaching techniques.

Achieve lasting change, easily and live the life you want

Cognitive Hypnotherapy is a safe, quick and effective way to free yourself from old habits and addictions, and ways of thinking and behaving.  I offer a personalised approach, so I treat each person as an individual - I listen closely to the words you use to describe your situation. This helps me to provide a programme of support to create change in the shortest time possible, while ensuring that the changes are embedded and long-lasting. You can watch a video about it here

How I help my clients

We work together as a team, to create positive lasting changes, by using both the conscious and unconscious parts of your mind to help you. As part of your treatment I write a bespoke hypnotherapy download for you, which I will send you after your first session. This will help you to relax and to make changes easily and unconsciously.

The changes start when you contact me, and continue throughout our sessions.

Working together, I can support you on your journey as you gain insights and a new perspective, gently allowing your unconscious mind to help you make the changes you desire.
Call me today on 07961 389 030 or email me to arrange your free telephone consultation.


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