30 Day Meditation Challenge

A Meditation Challenge for You!

I love a challenge and I have been wanting to embed a mediation practise for some time now. So this month I am doing a 30 day meditation challenge over on Instagram. I’d love for you to come and join me! Click on the Instagram feed at the bottom of the page or follow me here.

I am going to meditate for 10 minutes a day for 30 days, to embed this as a new daily habit. In December I did a 30 day walking challenge and I have embedded a daily walk into my every day routine.

On the Instagram challenge I will be sharing a new meditation to try every day. There will be a mixture of guided meditations and self-guided meditations. I will be sharing resources and ideas with you, and live videos to support you too.

Join My Meditation Challenge

I’d love for you to join in with all or some of the challenge. Every time you meditate tag me in your Instagram stories and use the hashtag #30daysofmeditation. I will be sharing your posts on my stories too to encourage others to join in, even if it’s for one day!

Starting a Meditation Practise

Like any new habit, meditating every day will take time to embed. It is said that it takes 21 days to embed a new habit, but I find that 30 days gives me time to get over the hurdles and start to see the benefits of any new healthy habit. This encourages me to carry on after the 30 days is up.

The Challenges of Meditating

The biggest obstacle for me in starting a meditation practise has been making the time to dedicate to it. I know that the state of mind during meditation is similar to the feeling of being hypnotised, and this is a state I am very familiar with. I love being in a state pf flow when I am really enjoying what I am doing. This often happens if I am actively creating something. I imagine that mediation will create a similar feeling as my mind is being allowed to be still and quiet, and often that’s when deep peace or creativity arises for me.

Different Ways to Meditate

Over the next month I will be sharing lots of different ways of meditating. Some of them include guided meditations which I will be sharing with you. I will also teach you simple techniques for those of you that are beginners and are afraid of having to sit still. If that sounds like you, you might like this book:  Teach Us to Sit Still by Tim Park

I will also be including some moving meditations and some more active meditations where you will be given more direction. Some of the activities will include getting to know yourself and the ways to best allow your mind to relax.

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In these difficult times, let’s be proactive about our mental health and create some calm together!

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