Are You Getting Enough Sleep?


To sleep, perchance to dream!

For years I struggled to get to bed on time and inevitably used to get more and more tired as the week went on. By Friday night I was a wreck, but still wanted to go out and spend time with my friends. Although it was completely obvious that I was tired and needed more sleep, I refused to listen to my body and anyone else who advised me to get an early night, and carried on burning the candle at both ends. To me, getting a early night was like admitting that the day was over; I always felt like I had more to do and could get more done.

Over time this sort of lifestyle took it’s toll on my body and I ended up exhausted and experiencing a painful condition.

Luckily, I have since discovered the healing benefits of sleep and it’s amazing effects on both my mind and my body. In fact, bed-time is now one of my favourite times of the day!

Find out how Cognitive Hypnotherapy can help you with insomnia or other sleep-related conditions.


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