overcome fear of needles

Overcome a Fear of Needles

Do You Have a Fear of Needles? Do you want to overcome that fear of needles? Did you know that you can overcome that fear with hypnotherapy? It doesn’t matter how long you have had the fear for, it could be old or new. How to Overcome a Fear As with all other fears, I …

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stop comparing yourself to others

How to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

The Trap of Comparing Yourself to Others How to stop comparing yourself to others is the topic of this article. This is a common trap and one that seems to be increasing in the modern age. I only got to hear a tiny fraction about the home lives of girls at my school. Those days …

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Vision boards to create reality

Creating Your Vision with Vision Boards

How Do You Create Your Vision? Creating your vision is an empowering way to decide what you want for your future. If you have a vision and an idea of what you would like to happen in your life, your mind sets about achieving that for you and bringing that into reality. As we know, …

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My 5 Step Weight Loss Group Hypnotherapy and Coaching Programme

  In my video I’m talking about how I can support you with my 5 step programme. This is a great low-cost option and is highly effective at helping you reach your weight loss goals. It’s a 5 week course – one session a week for 5 weeks at an affordable £85 for the whole …

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Hypnotherapist Zeenat Ahmed-Peto

How Hypnotherapy Changed My Life

Hypnotherapy changed my life and that’s why I love what I do. I am able to empower and support my clients to do the same, and I love it. My Early Life I was born and brought up in North London – Islington, Palmers Green and Enfield. This is where I am bringing up my …

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Hypnotherapy and Weight Loss

My New Weight Loss Programme I am launching my new group weight loss programme this week. This brings me to the topic of comfort eating and my personal experience with this subject. Many years ago, I began to put on weight, for a number of reasons. I found solace in food, which is very common. …

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