Award-Winning Customer Service

Why Customer Service is Key

I am proud to say that Zeenat Ahmed-Peto Cognitive Hypnotherapy provides award-winning customer service. I won gold in the 2023 Best Businesswomen Awards!

As a consumer and a service provider, I understand that customer service lies at the heart of running any successful business. To be honest, when I started this work, I just wanted to help people to feel better. That was the key to my offering. I had learnt a lot about hypnotherapy and I simply wanted to help people to let go of their troubles and to feel better. I had no idea that years later I could enter for awards and have my business externally judged and validated!

Customer Service Awarded with Gold Award

When you run a one-person business, you rely on feedback from your customers. This is through what they say, any reviews they post and whether they recommend you to their friends and family. I know that lots of my clients really mean to leave reviews but they often just don’t get round to it! I understand, as I am also a busy person with a full life and many commitments. It’s also the case that some people don’t want to leave a public reviews, and I respect their desire for privacy. So, for a therapist like me, how do I know how good a job I am doing? That’s where business awards come in!

How I Give Award-Winning Customer Service

I chose these particular awards because they are individually judged and scored, and then the judges’ scores are added up to make the total. All of the judges are leaders in their fields and have a wealth of knowledge and experience.

I had to provide testimonials and reviews to show what my customers think of my service. There were lots of questions to answer, giving detail about my customer service. I always try to help my clients feel comfortable and supported and I am there for them in between sessions. Our relationship continues even after our work together is completed.

You can watch the video here for the Best Businesswomen Awards and see what happened on the night!

Zeenat Ahmed-Peto Best Customer Service Gold award winner
Zeenat Ahmed-Peto Best Customer Service Gold award winner

Best Consumer Business Silver Award Winner

Finally, I am extremely proud to have won a silver award in the Best Consumer Business category too. This category is also about how a business interacts with and supports their customers.

Multi Award Winning Service

So what does winning awards mean? It means that people like me who are their own boss, are externally judged. I no longer have appraisals or have to apply for promotions. Everything new that I attempt comes from my own ideas and desire to improve and grow. So an awrd-winning business helps customers decide who they can trust to help them solve their problems.

You can rest assured that you are in good hands!

Thank you for sharing in my success and celebrating with me!


Listen to my interview on the Business Awards Show podcast here (episode 72)

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