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Confidence is an internal a feeling of being able to do something. It shows in the way we behave, think and talk. People who have healthy levels of confidence can present themselves well to other people. However, many people report not really feeling as confident as they look to others. It is often the case that we all feel confident in some areas of our lives, and less confident in others.

Confidence Changes Over Time

It is also true that confidence can grow and diminish, depending on our circumstances, experiences and situations. Quite often, clients come to me with a main issue in mind, and some other peripheral issues they would also like to work on. It is often the case that as the main issue improves after a session or sessions, the other issues also improve. This is because as confidence grows in one area, it becomes possible to make changes in other areas too. Sometimes people describe how they used to be: confident and living a full life, but after life-changes, they feel less confident. Some common life changes could be changing jobs or location, having a baby, the loss of a partner, changes in their relationship. It is absolutely possible to grow your confidence again. Sometimes talking to a therapist can help and hypnotherapy can help you feel good using your unconscious mind.

Body Confidence

Feeling connected and strong in your body can help you feel self-assured. It can give you a belief in your ability to do things. Body confidence can also feel like a sense of pride and gratitude and can increase the enjoyment of living in your body. All of these thoughts and experiences can be improved with hypnotherapy. You will be given tasks and homework to do, to get back in touch with your body. This might include movement for exercise, pleasure, and expression. Often we can lose the positive feelings we were born with due to words and actions of others around us – people at school, the local culture, the media. It is absolutely possible to grow our love of our bodies once again. 

Confidence at Work

You can grow your ability to feel self-assured at work. Sometimes working in teams can feel intimidating for some people. The thought of speaking up, giving presentations of the pressure of performing can diminish a person’s good feeling about themselves. You can learn to become more resilient and to reframe a colleague’s criticism, or learn how to stand up for yourself. You can develop skills and become a more assertive and robust person, who is able to feel confident and happy in the work-place. All of these areas can be improved with hypnotherapy.

Social Confidence

This area is very useful for making friends and feeling like part of a community. It can also help you to develop better relationships with family and friends. Part of social confidence is building your self-esteem so that you are feeling good about who you are. This makes it easier to relate to other people. Another part is about clear communication and building rapport, so that people can know, like and trust you. Being able to get along with different people is so valuable and makes your experience of life richer and happier. 

Grow Your Confidence

If you have low confidence in all areas, you can absolutely benefit from hypnotherapy. In this instance we work together to help build your morale at a pace that is right for you. I can help you get to the root of the problem, and help you increase and grow your self-assurance. As you complete the tasks I set as homework, and listen to my recordings, you will notice improvements every day.

You can try these tips to help you build your confidence here.

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Grow Your Confidence and Self-Esteem

‘I’m now able to take on challenges I could never have dreamed of.’

When I first met Zeenat I was at point where my anxiety had reached an all-time high, and my confidence was depleted – even my medication couldn’t control it. In only a few sessions and two weeks of listening to a download she had specifically prepared for me after our first session, I was amazed at how much better I felt in such a short space of time. Zeenat helped me reset my ‘panic button’ so I didn’t have so many panic attacks and any I did have were of a much less intensity. Zeenat was so kind, calm and supportive and I felt at complete ease talking to her, even about things I had buried deep many years ago. I really feel that Zeenat has given me my life back and helped me take control of it. My confidence has increased in leaps and bounds and I’m now able to take on challenges I could never have dreamed of doing before meeting Zeenat. I’m finally learning to follow my dreams. I will be eternally grateful to Zeenat helping me change my life and cannot recommend her strongly enough.

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