Hypnotherapy for confidence


Confidence is something that I get asked about a lot. It seems that some people can come across as supremely confident to us from the outside, but in reality, if you asked those people, they would probably say that they don't always feel that confident. It is also usually the case that we all feel confident in some areas of our lives, and less confident in others.

Levels of Confidence Change Over Time

It is also true that confidence can grow and diminish, depending on our circumstances, experiences and situations. Quite often, clients come to me with a main issue in mind, and some other peripheral issues they would also like to work on. It is often the case that as the main issue improves after a session or sessions, the other issues also improve. This is because as confidence grows in one area, it becomes possible to make changes in other areas too. Sometimes people will describe how they used to be a certain way, confident and living a full life, but after changes in their life-style; maybe after changing jobs, having a baby, the loss of a partner, changes in their relationship, they find themselves less confident than they used to be.

You can Learn to Become More Confident

Others describe how they have never felt confident, and are tired of this and want to change it. In this instance we work together to help build their self-esteem at a pace that is right for them.I can help you get to the root of the problem, and help you increase and grow your confidence. As you complete the tasks I set as homework, and listen to my download, you will notice improvements every day.

One client said:

When I first met Zeenat I was at point where my anxiety had reached an all-time high, and my confidence was depleted - even my medication couldn't control it. In only a few sessions and two weeks of listening to a download she had specifically prepared for me after our first session, I was amazed at how much better I felt in such a short space of time. Zeenat helped me reset my ‘panic button’ so I didn’t have so many panic attacks and any I did have were of a much less intensity. Zeenat was so kind, calm and supportive and I felt at complete ease talking to her, even about things I had buried deep many years ago. I really feel that Zeenat has given me my life back and helped me take control of it. My confidence has increased in leaps and bounds and I'm now able to take on challenges I could never have dreamed of doing before meeting Zeenat. I'm finally learning to follow my dreams. I will be eternally grateful to Zeenat helping me change my life and cannot recommend her strongly enough.



Self-esteem is how we describe a person's overall sense of self-worth or personal value. This is to do with how much we appreciate and like ourselves. Often, when we are feeling low after a run of bad luck, or events and choices have caught up with us, we might feel bad about ourselves. Self-esteem issues can stem from childhood in some cases, and might have been with us for a long time. The good news is, we can absolutely improve our self-esteem, just like our confidence.

I use hypnosis among many other techniques and tools to help build up my clients' self-esteem, including lots of tasks set for homework. By working on your self-esteem every day, you will be building up your positive self-regard, increasing your self-love and resilience to face the future with positivity. I believe self-love is the best gift you can give yourself, and it is something you can work on every day.

One client said:

Working with Zeenat has been great! From the initial contact by email, to first meeting face to face and through all the sessions, I appreciated the unconditional interest in me. I never felt judged, and that gave me confidence to explore my own feelings, which led to some highly useful insights.

When I first arrived in the therapy room, I didn't like myself that much, and could barely look in the mirror. I am now building on my relationship with myself, the most important one I have.

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