Dare to Dream

Your unconscious mind is a powerhouse, a factory of thoughts and emotions and it loves colour, playfulness and the bizarre. Think of your strangest night’s dreams – you may have puzzled over how on earth that person was over there, doing that?!

So if we know this about our unconscious, we should harness its innate power and make the most of it.

So this is how:

  • Write down your dreams , even your wildest ones – ‘I want to travel the world’
  • Make the list specific – so travel the world to where, when? So -‘I want to visit Japan during cherry blossom season’
  • Write down a bucket list of all of the experiences you want to have had before your days are up (i.e. before you kick the proverbial bucket!)
  • Create a vision board. If you have followed me for a while, you might remember that I have run vision board workshops and have used them extensively in my business and personal life.
  • Use magazines with words and pictures cut out, pasted onto card to make your vision board or use online tools like Pinterest to gather your ideas
  • Keep your dreams alive by displaying your pictures and words in prominent places where you will see them daily

If you dare to dream, and express them as goals in words and pictures, you create a road map for your unconscious mind. It is so incredibly powerful, and with your unconscious mind on your side, you can achieve anything.

For more inspiring words and support on your journey, why not take a look at my coaching programmes? I offer 3 month, 6 month and 1 year packages to help you move into your dream life.

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