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Feeling depressed or down is very different to someone being diagnosed with Depression, in the medical sense of the word. If you have been feeling down or low for several weeks and are not feeling any better, contact your GP. He or she will be able to diagnose and explain what is going on medically. Sometimes taking a low-dose of anti-depressants for a short time is all that is needed to get you up and running again, and feeling more optimistic. I work with people who have been diagnosed with Depression, as long as I have your permission to inform your GP. I will seek your permission to contact them if necessary. If you meet the criteria, we can work together with the understanding that you continue to take any prescribed medication.

Hypnotherapy for Depression

I can work with you if you are at a stable point. Talking therapies are well-known as a way to increase a sense of an internal locus of control. This is  where you have control of how you feel about things. We also work on your sense of agency, where you feel you can change things. I can help you build your resilience and optimism and increase your enjoyment of life once more.

You can find out lots of information about depression and different treatments at the mental health charity Mind here.

Moving on From Depression

Using Cognitive Hypnotherapy I can help you to update any beliefs which might be feeding your feelings of depression. Together, we work on getting  you back to thinking, speaking, behaving and responding to life more positively. I can help you get the bounce back in your step towards a more positive and fulfilling future.

We work on how you:

  • think
  • speak
  • behave
  • respond
  • form your opinions

to reflect your new, positive ways of being. We build positive beliefs and I help you understand and let go of anything from your past which is no longer serving you.

Lead a Happy Life After Depression

I had been suffering with crippling anxiety and feeling depressed before key social and family events. The attacks became so debilitating that they would effect my ability to function at work. Knowing this was all psychosomatic, and wanting to lead a normal life, I decided I had to deal with the issue. I contacted Zeenat and started to attend regular sessions to understand the reasons for my irrational reaction and learn techniques on how to reprogram my perception and reaction to situations. Early on I felt a change in my ability to deal with an important up coming event and by the time it arrived I was confident relaxed and in control. I can not tell you what a relief it was and what a change it has made to my life. If I had not seen Zeenat I would still be looking for excuses not to attend events feeling like my life was passing me by and that I was missing out on spending time with the people I love. As ridiculous and as embarrassing as the situation was to me, Zeenat always dealt with me in a warm non judgemental and professional manner. I strongly recommend her to anyone who is suffering, no matter what your triggers are. Don't keep living a half life and book an appointment.

TD, Account Manager


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