Overcome a Fear of Needles

Do You Have a Fear of Needles?

Do you want to overcome that fear of needles? Did you know that you can overcome that fear with hypnotherapy? It doesn’t matter how long you have had the fear for, it could be old or new.

How to Overcome a Fear

As with all other fears, I start by listening carefully to the way you describe it. The fear of needles could be conscious or unconscious. The fear could be in your mind. your body or both. Often fears have a root in the past, from a previous experience which has left a negative impression on you. We can clear this quickly and easily using gentle hypnosis and cognitive hypnotherapy techniques.

Fear of Injections

Rationally we know that an injection is very quick and is usually painless. However, our minds can build up a fear and make it seem much scarier than it is. Usually we know when we are having an injection. This means that the mind has time to build up the fear. Having an injection does not usually happen out of the blue. We can use this to our advantage, as it gives us more time to prepare the the mind for the event.

Needles Work Quickly

Needles by their nature are used quickly – meaning that the actual event is over fast. This can help alleviate the fear of needles, especially when we prime the mind to notice how quickly the event is over. One of the techniques I use can help the mind to notice all of the other things going on, but not the thing it is afraid of. Another technique is to help the time seems as if it is passing quickly. Read my blog about going to the dentist to read more about this here. 

Fear of Having Vaccinations

You may want to overcome your fear of needles so that you are comfortable having a vaccine injection. It may be that you have a fear of the needle, or of the medicine contained within the injection. If you want to have more choice, then hypnotherapy can help you overcome these fears. It can also help you to make an informed choice and the right decision for you.


You can read about how to feel better about having blood tests here.  

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