Hypnotherapy for Fear of Flying

Sometimes I see a client with specific end goal – for example they want to lose something, like a fear of flying, or they want to gain something, like the confidence to perform well at an interview. More often than not, I find that my clients get even more than they bargained for, so that they change the way they are thinking to such an extent, that they gain even more positive changes in their lives.

Such a client came to see me, and after 4 sessions, she was in a position where her fear of flying gone away, and she was able to take a long awaited plane trip to visit her family abroad. She said she wished she had asked for help so much sooner, because this fear which developed over time, stopped her from seeing her family for years. In the first year after having cognitive hypnotherapy, this client went on to take 3 flights in as many months.

The changes which came from the therapy also helped her in other areas of her life, and she has since come back for sessions to stop smoking and to make changes to her diet and exercise regime. In her words, she said that once her mind had had a make-over, she could work on all of the little niggly things which she wanted to work on and improve.

Here’s what the client said about our work:

I can’t thank Zeenat enough! I actually got on a plane without fear. The turbulence was probably the worst I’ve experienced and I breezed right through it! Zeenat is wonderful and understanding, I felt so comfortable with her during our sessions and opened up about things I thought I had buried. She helped me in more ways than I can say. I have no hesitation in recommending this lovely lady.

KC, Reiki Teacher and Healer

Change can be easier than you think.  You can Contact me here find out how I can help you. You can meet me in Winchmore Hill, North Enfield, or work with me via Skype too.


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