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One of the most common tasks I give my clients when they come to me, is asking them to take walks outside. This is also the activity I task myself with, when I’m feeling tired, sluggish, lacking motivation or have a low mood. I find that when I’m busy, caught up with work and family life, I tend to drive around more, because I’m rushing to get from a to b. It’s when that my walking goes out of the window, and a host of problems start (feeling tired, sluggish etc)

I tend to walk more on the weekends, because lots of my leisure pursuits include being outdoors in parks and in nature, but it’s the routine of walking everyday which I am trying to work into my routine. When I’m wearing my Fitbit, I am much more conscious of how far I’m walking, naturally, but I do need to keep on top of having fresh batteries on hand!

If you are looking to improve your healthy living routines, going for a daily walk is a fantastic place to start. If you can go somewhere beautiful and you can enjoy taking in that beauty, all the better. If however, you just weave that walking into your day – walking to a shop, getting off the bus one stop earlier, walking rather than driving short journeys, that works too!

For me, being outdoors in a beautiful park is one of my favourite things in the world – it’s often a family affair, but when I can immerse myself fully in the environment, it’s a wonderful moving meditation.

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