How to Be Happier?

Some people are naturally more easy going and happy-go-lucky than others, but can we change our natural predisposition?

Martin Seligman of Positive Psychology says we can! He tells a story about how he became interested in learning more about human characters and our strengths and weaknesses (which are our areas for improvement). His daughter who was very young at the time, asked whether her dad could learn to be less grumpy, as she had learned to be less afraid of the dark? This sparked a lifetime’s work, which has made Seligman a leader in the Positive Psychology field and with his work at Penn State University.

The 24 Character Strengths

According to Positive Psychology, these are the 24 strengths which we all have in varying degrees. Just like muscles, the ones you use the most are the ones that grow and become more defined. The ones we don’t use can wither and fade from view.

You can take the tests online and find lots of ways to improve your baseline happiness and your natural level of optimism, hope and excitement about life using the many tools from Positive Psychology. Much of the work I do as a Cognitive Hypnotherapist is rooted in this generative field, so I can help you on this journey of self discovery too.

Get in touch if you would like to work on this together. You can reach me at or 07961 389 030.

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