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Hypnobirthing with Zeenat Ahmed-Peto

I use the Confident Childbirth Hypnobirthing framework to support mothers-to-be in becoming as empowered and prepared as possible for the birth of your baby.

I work with first-time mums, or those who have previously experienced pregnancy and birth. It's a flexible approach as I tailor the sessions to your needs, by taking a detailed history to understand what you want to gain from the sessions. The tools you will learn will help in any kind of birth, whether vaginal, planned or emergency C-section, allowing you to maintain a state of calm and control throughout.

Together we will work to alleviate your fears, and work to your goals and choices, while maintaining flexibility, so that you can have the best possible birth experience for you and your baby.

If you have experienced previous trauma, related to pregnancy or birth I can help you. You can find out how I help clients with trauma or PTSD here.

Your Hypnobirthing Sessions will include:

  • Self hypnosis so you have everything you need within you
  • Relaxation techniques to use from now on throughout pregnancy, birth and beyond
  • Visualisation techniques to help you prepare mentally for birth and beyond
  • Simple natural pain control methods in preparation for labour and birth
  • Building good communication and dialogue with your medical team
  • Allaying any fears from stories heard, and clearing any previous birth trauma
  • Connecting with your body's natural ability to give birth

The skills you learn with me will be useful before, during and after the birth of your baby. You will also receive tailor-made MP3s to listen to at home.

The Benefits of Hypnobirthing

  • Feeling empowered promotes confidence, releasing happy hormones which in turn reduce fear, tension and pain. Instead the hormones encourage breathing, relaxation and release
  • Learning relaxation techniques can improve your sleep, and ability go back to sleep
  • Increasing your ability to relax mentally and physically gives you a better chance to have a more comfortable and calm birth
  • Hypnobirthing mothers need fewer medical interventions, before, during and after birth
  • The length of labour can be significantly shorter
  • Babies born to hypnobirthing mothers often have higher APGAR scores
  • Hypnobirthing does not interfere with the body's natural mechanisms of labour
  • Breast-feeding can be easier due to self-hypnosis and relaxation techniques
  • Reduced incidence of post-natal depression
  • Hypnobirthing babies are often calmer babies, who sleep and feed better

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When, Where and How Much are the Sessions?

I hold my Hypnobirthing sessions at my home clinic in Enfield, North London. At the beginning of our work together, we will decide how many sessions you will need, but typically it will be 4 to 6 weekly one and a quarter hour sessions.

There is no ideal time to start, but I would say if you begin earlier in your pregnancy, you will have more time to practice the tools and strategies.

My clients always say how relaxed they felt during the sessions and later during the birth!

If distance is a problem, please have a look at this list of Confident Childbirth cognitive hypnotherapists, all of whom I can recommend here.

Sessions for Partners

I also offer separate sessions for partners, or birth partners who may want to allay their own fears, or learn how to support you during labour, birth and beyond.

Fees and Sessions

  • A block of 4 sessions is £500 (4 x 75 mins + 4 downloads)
  • A block of 6 sessions is £650 (6 x 75 mins + 4 downloads)
  • Additional subsequent sessions are £100 each

Our initial telephone call will help me find the best way to support you have the most positive birth experience you can.

Call me today on 07961 389 030 or email me at zeenat@zeenatahmedpeto.com to discuss your requirements.

A massive thank you Zeenat, for your life-changing service! I played your recordings every day and on the morning of delivery they kept me so calm and in control that I managed to use hypnobirthing to 9cm dilated. The experience changed my whole mindset and I have decided to  train to be a practitioner so I can offer this service to women myself. Even the doctors and nurses at the hospital were impressed at the effectiveness! Thank you again.


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