Hypnotherapy and Weight Loss

Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss Programme

I am launching my new group weight loss programme this week. This brings me to the topic of comfort eating and my personal experience with this subject. Many years ago, I began to put on weight, for a number of reasons. I found solace in food, which is very common.

One of the reasons some of us eat for comfort is because the feeling of eating is so pleasurable for so many people. It soothes the nervous system.

When I first started putting on weight so that it was noticeable, not one or 2 pounds, but stones, it was during a time in my life when I was unhappy emotionally.

My work and relationship were not going well and I had been through a period of poor health. Being in chronic pain lead to me separating my mind from my body – it was too painful (literally) to live in my body, so I spent more time in my head.

I lost pleasure in the usual things that bring me joy – music, companionship and creativity.

Comfort eating

The way I tried to make myself feel better was to comfort-eat. The feeling of eating itself was not that pleasurable, because I also felt guilty while I was eating things I knew I should not be eating… but the feeling of being full was what helped me feel better.

At the time I didn’t have a wide range of activities that were giving me pleasure – the main physical feeling I felt was pain. And so started a cycle of eating for comfort, which lasted for some time.

I munched on snacks and treats which were not nutritious in any way. I like to call it fat stuck together with sugar. And carbs, my personal favourite which made me feel full and sated.

A way to deal with feelings

This became my go-to way of dealing with my feelings by pushing them down, weighing them down so that they couldn’t rise up and hurt me.

Being full meant it was easier to ignore the actual problems I had at the time. As I put on more weight, my clothes no longer fit well. I started to hide away and it was a relief to choose not participate in life.

It was also a sort of quiet rebellion – much like other eating disorders, this sort of bingeing was secretive and private. It gave me a sense of control at a time where I felt I did not have any.

Fortunately, I came to a tipping point which I described before, where it was too uncomfortable to stay that way – so I had to change it.

So as you can see, I have had my own issues with weight gain and the struggle to lose the pounds. Look out for my next post about my new programme which can help support you in losing weight.

By dealing with your underlying issues, you can allow your unconscious mind to support you in losing weight.


You can watch a video about my programme here.

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