Bespoke Hypnotherapy Downloads

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A Hypnotherapy Mp3 Download Made Just for You...

I usually work with people for a few sessions so that I can help them to go on a journey or have a transformation. Sometimes though, you might be looking for something which will help you immediately. That's where I can help you by creating a tailored recording for you, specific to your needs.

There are lots of generic downloads that you can try which you can find in my shop. Although these recordings can help a  huge number of people, they don't suit everyone, because your personal preferences; ways of seeing the world, problems that you face and motivations may be very different from the next person. I see it as the difference between having a tailor-made suit created for you using your specific measurements and requirements and buying one from a shop. The quality and fit will be far superior with a bespoke suit, and the same goes for a hypnotherapy recording.

How it Works

In order to book in your session to create your bespoke hypnosis recording, please contact me first, via email, phone or by using the contact form.

Once we have arranged a time for the consultation, please pay using the Paypal link below.

The consultation takes about 40 minutes via Zoom or on the phone discussing your specific requirements. Your download will be recorded and I will send it to you within a given time frame. The cost for the session and the download is £75.

To start the process, please contact me by calling me on 07961 389 030 or emailing me at to discuss your requirements.

I look forward to hearing from you.


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