Hypnotherapy for Fear of Driving

I’ve worked with several people recently who have come to me for help with a fear of driving. Maybe it’s because we are based in London and our roads are notoriously busy, or perhaps, like in two such cases, the people concerned were overloaded with other thoughts and feelings, which manifested in a fear of driving.

Both of the people I’m thinking of were able to drive, despite their fears, but they had started to make more and more allowances and change their habits in order to continue being able to drive. This is so often the case with people I meet. It started off with changing the time of driving; leaving earlier or later, not just to avoid traffic, but because of the feelings of panic and occasionally terror at the thought of a busy road. Over time they added more and more conditions. ‘I can only drive if a, b and c are perfect.’

The Turning Point

For most clients I see, there is a turning point, an event or a catalyst which brings them in through the door. For one client, the inconvenience of having to drive on small roads in order to avoid A roads or motorways was becoming a huge irritation, and in fact was stopping the client enjoying life. Another person got in touch with me after having such a bad panic attack due to finding themselves in traffic, they thought it was a heart attack.

Moving Forwards

Once we started to unravel the symptoms of the problem – how each person experienced their fear (which is different for every person), how long they had had it, when it started, what was going on when it started and so on, we could get to work on finding the solutions.

Because the work I do, using a combination of NLP (neurolinguistic programming), positive psychology, Timeline techniques, EFT etc. works with the conscious and unconscious parts of the mind, I am able to help each client from the very first session. Most clients report feeling lighter, freer and almost high after the first session.

Each client receives their tailor-made recording on the day of the session, so they are able to listen to it before they go to bed. Clients report this to be one of the key tools in helping them, as the words in the recording change the mindset and the soundtrack to their thinking – helping them change their life!

Here’s what the client said about this work:

“My experience of Cognitive Hypnotherapy with Zeenat was very positive. It was a safe environment and Zeenat made me feel relaxed. The work we did together proved to be pivotal in overcoming anxiety around driving on busy roads. Zeenat’s patience and understanding has really helped in successfully conquering a deep fear and I have made big steps forward in the right direction. The bespoke recording has been really useful. The various techniques that I have been introduced to for coping with my specific situation have been great too. I just need to give myself more time and space for practice! I would definitely recommend Zeenat for helping to make positive life changes.”

You can contact me through my contact form or by telephone to find out how I can help you start living the life you really want.

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