Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

“Can I lose weight using hypnotherapy?” is a question I get asked a lot. The quick answer is – yes, you certainly can.

If you feel you understand what sorts of foods and the quantities you should be eating, and the type and amount of exercise you should be doing – and you are still struggling to lose weight, there may be an unconscious block or barriers in your way.

In my experience, most people I come across know how they need to modify their eating habits and exercise regimes in order to lose weight, and yet they don’t do it. Often the desire is there, but the person is lacking in motivation. Or they are motivated but somehow they start the process only to sabotage themselves by making bad choices. In cases like these, the unconscious mind could be playing a role.

Ask yourself: what would I lose if I got what I wanted? Perhaps if you lost the weight you wanted to lose… there would be no more excuses. Or you would become more visible, or you would then have to tackle other issues you have been putting off. The list could include any of these or many other reasons.

I also find that for some people, holding on to extra weight on one’s body is a symptom of something else. In these cases, by working with me we can work on the ‘something else’ and then the weight comes off naturally. A client named S illustrated this point well. You can read about it here.


The client testimonial below show show a number of changes that came out of sessions my client had for weight loss. She sent me this testimonial one year after we finished working together, and it shows the generative effects of this work: the changes which took place unconsciously continued to help her create solutions and better outcomes for herself.

Working with Zeenat started me off on a path of finally finding what I was looking for career wise. I was a primary school teacher and I am now training to be a play therapist. This was a surprising outcome as I went for weight loss! Strangely enough I have lost 2 stone since finding this new career path. At 53 I had the idea that neither were achievable. I believe the talking sessions and the words in the download have guided me to make decision making easier and that the process continued in the months after I stopped seeing Zeenat. So it was not a quick fix but a long term process with lasting results. I have gained a tool box of strategies and will use all of them again and again over the years.

AG, London

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