How Hypnotherapy Can Help Relieve Your Pain

Pain is an essential mechanism designed to alert your brain to the fact that something in your body is wrong, or needs attention. But sometimes that message gets trapped in the body, and just continues to repeat itself. Once you have attended to the immediate need, that message may no longer be relevant. If you have experienced continual low-level chronic pain, you will understand the feelings of despondency and frustration that can accompany the physical pain. It can wear you down, making you irritable and more open to stress, anxiety and feelings of depression.This is where I may be able to help you.
Together we work on the underlying psychological causes which usually has positive knock-on effects on the physical experience of pain. We can also work on the limitations your illness might place on your life, and learn new ways of looking at the situation, and adapting how you do things.
Taking tablets every day can dull the pain and make life bearable, yes, but the perception of pain is both physical and psychological. If you are on medication prescribed by your GP or a specialist, you must continue taking it whilst we work together, and work with your doctors to reduce your medication in time, if that is the right thing for you.
However,  all pain is perceived in the brain,  which means you can teach your brain to notice some things and to ignore others. Many people can learn to ignore and even reduce the feelings of pain, by noticing the triggers and avoiding certain activities and behaviours which would have made it worse in the past. Others can learn how to tap into the pain-relieving chemicals in the brain and release them to alleviate symptoms and improve their experience of living in their body.

Chronic Illnesses and Auto-Immune Diseases

Living with a chronic illness or auto-immune disease can be a an uphill struggle, often described as a battle – which needs to be fought on a daily basis. When your body is constantly fighting itself and your white blood cells have gone on the attack against you, it can leave you tired and depressed. But – it doesn’t have to be that way! I work with clients to help them re-frame what their illness means, and help them to increase their wellness, by using visualisation to imagine the processes in the body working harmoniously.

Our thoughts are so powerful that professional athletes use visualisation as a huge part of their training programmes – if their minds know what they want their bodies to do, they are much more likely to be able to do it! I use these principles to re-educate your mind to expect what’s possible, not what you can’t do. When you are unwell, your mind can easily drift and linger onto the things you can no longer do, rather than finding new possibilities.

I work in this area with a passion because I have first hand experience of improving my own health through these methods.Get in touch today if you have been suffering,  have had enough and are ready to take control of your own health and well-being.

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