Lose Weight with Hypnotherapy

Are you looking to improve your health and how you feel about yourself by losing weight? If so, I can help.

I help people overcome their unconscious resistance so that they can lose excess weight easily.

It's something that many of us struggle with, but some people manage to lose excess weight and others don’t. Nowadays most of us have access to the information which would help us to support a weight loss journey, but...

It’s the mindset that’s needed alongside the knowledge which makes the difference.

I also believe you must want the change more than the status quo. It has to be too uncomfortable to stay the same, or more compelling to change for you to really want it.

Working with Zeenat started me off on a path of finally finding what I was looking for career wise. This was a surprising outcome as I went for weight loss! Strangely enough I have lost 2 stone since finding this new career path. At 53 I had the idea that neither were achievable. I believe the talking sessions and the words in the downloads have guided me to make decision making easier and that the process continued in the months after I stopped seeing Zeenat. So it was not a quick fix but a long term process with lasting results. I have gained a tool box of strategies and will use all of them again and again over the years.


From the initial contact to first meeting and through all the sessions, I appreciated the unconditional interest in me. I never felt judged, and that gave me confidence to explore my own feelings, which led to some highly useful insights, about my eating habits. I have lost a stone and a half and am in a much better place emotionally. The changes in my mindset are now part of my everyday life.


My experience of hypnotherapy with Zeenat was very positive and has helped me to change the way I think about food and my body. Her approach was gentle at all times, and she quickly made me feel relaxed.The download helped me to communicate with my unconscious mind and feel good about myself again, which helped me eat better. The work we did together helped me create an inner dialogue, bringing awareness of my inner potential to meet the goals that I desire in life. I am maintaining my weight loss and am working on my future goals. I fully recommend Zeenat to help you too.


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Lose Weight and Feel Good About Yourself

If you are ready to change the way you feel about the excess weight you are carrying and have a strong desire to lose it, for good, get in touch.

I can help you:

  • feel lighter and slimmer
  • start to lose weight
  • kick-start your journey
  • improve your eating habits
  • increase your movement and exercise
  • change the shape of your body
  • increase your desire to exercise
  • notice your clothes fitting better
  • feel more attractive
  • have more energy as you body is more efficient
  • increase your confidence in all areas of life
  • feel happier in your clothes
  • feel more confident without your clothes
  • take better care of yourself
  • create benefits for your loved ones - they will be happy that you are happier
  • feel loving happy feelings towards yourself
  • feel proud of your achievements
  • learn to love and accept yourself
  • Work on achieving other important goals in your life
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My 5 Step Programme

I use my proven system to help you lose weight and fall back in love with yourself. This is flexible and is adapted to each client, depending on your needs, so the amount of time spent at each step may be different for different people.

I have looked back at the successes I have had working with my weight loss clients and this process has worked every time. I have now distilled it down to 5 steps.

You can read more about my 5 Step Programme in detail here: About Cognitive Hypnotherapy

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The 5 Ways You Can Work with Me to Lose Weight

1. Slimmer You Hypnosis Recording

This is my hypnotherapy recording which you can download directly to your device.

Your investment: £9.99 one off payment

Time investment: At least 10 minutes a day

My Slimmer You hypnotherapy recording which will gently lead you to relax and enjoy a peaceful 10 minute meditation. I guide your unconscious mind with positive suggestions to support your weight loss. In the recording I focus on the good feelings your body can produce when you make healthy food choices and incorporate more movement into your daily life. It will help you feel more positive and excited about the changes you’re making and the way your body is changing to reveal a slimmer you.

slimmer you 1

Slimmer You Hypnosis Recording


2. A Bespoke Hypnosis Recording

Arrange a consultation via Zoom video call and I will create your personalised recording for you. Your download will be recorded and I will send it to you within a given time frame.

Your investment: £75.00

Time investment: 45 minutes via Zoom video call and 10 min a day listening

Bespoke Hypnosis Recording


3. My Group Weight Loss Hynotherapy and Coaching Programme

Find out more about my group hypnotherapy for weight loss programme here:

This is a fantastic low-cost option at only £85 for all 5 sessions and my hypnosis recording!

Book Your Discovery Call with Me

4. One to One Sessions of Cognitive Hypnotherapy

If you know you have some blocks getting in your way and stopping you from making the changes you need to make, perhaps you might like to have a few sessions to kick start your journey?

For most people I suggest 6 sessions, which gives us time to get to the root of the problems, uncover the unconscious blocks and create the positive mindset and habits that you need to start or continue your weight loss journey.

Your investment: 6 sessions £650 (payment plan available)

Time investment: 6.5 hours one to one time and 10 min a day listening

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5. Transformational NLP and Hypnotherapy Coaching Packages 3 or 6 Months

If you are looking for a deeper exploration and a package of ongoing support, these packages may be right for you.

These packages designed to give you space to explore at depth, over a longer period of time, so that you can reflect on where you have been and where you want to be in your life.

I will be with you on your journey, to help you create the changes you seek.

I will create new recordings for you to listen to and share resources and tools throughout our work together.

Your investment:

3 months £900, 6 months £1500 (payment plans available)

Time investment: Unlimited* sessions, downloads and text support over the chosen period.

Book Your Discovery Call with Me

Or give me a call on 07961 389 030


*The period between each session can be no less than a week. Weekly sessions are recommended for the first month, after which time sessions can be 2 or 3 weeks apart, depending on your needs. Most therapy occurs between sessions - meaning I will be working with you to create independence and confidence outside of our sessions. There is no maximum number of sessions; this will be mutually agreed depending on what I feel is best for my client.

Disclaimer: Please note that my weight loss sessions are recommended only for people who are currently over their recommended weight and would like to lose weight. Please refer to NHS guidelines here to determine a healthy weight for your height and bone structure here.

Look at the NHS Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculator here.

Please note that body mass index is not the only factor to consider when you are choosing your target weight; please also consider your frame and a manageable weight for you to maintain.

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