Meditation One to One Classes

I have been asked by several people to run meditation classes and due to time commitments this hasn’t been possible for a while. To that end, I have started offering one to one sessions where I can guide and support clients to their pathway to meditation and relaxation.
Perhaps you are hoping to make some lifestyle changes in the new year, or want to take on some new challenges, or even get rid of some old habits which are no longer serving you. There are lots of options available, but if you are unsure, just contact me to find out which one would best suit you.The session is a one to one meditation teaching session which is suitable for beginners, or those with some experience of meditation. After taking a brief history, I will tailor the session to your needs. We meet at my clinic for a one and a half hour personalised session. After the session, you will receive one of my meditation downloads so that you can embed your practice at home.The cost of this one hour introduction to meditation is £30 for a one hour session. Call 07961 389 030 or email to book.

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