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The benefits of meditation in reducing stress levels and increasing happy hormones are well documented and ancient practices are becoming much more accessible to the mainstream in the West.

Building a simple meditation practise into your day will start to have huge benefits, very quickly. Just taking a few minutes to rest your mind by focusing on your breathing can help increase your resilience, lowering your 'set point'. This means that you can stay calm in situations which would have previously caused a stress spike.

By practising a martial art or any type of yoga, you will be familiar with the idea of meditation. However, if you feel that you have not yet had any experience with mindfulness or meditation, or have not been able to learn how to do it, I can help you.

I run sessions for individuals, groups and teams. I can tailor a single session or a series of sessions to your needs.

Please contact me via the contact form or by email on or phone me on 07961 389 030 to discuss your requirements.

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