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How to Create Healthy Boundaries at Work

What are Boundaries? We all naturally have boundaries in our relationships between us and the outside world, but sometimes these can get eroded over time. For some people having robust boundaries at work comes naturally; other have to create them. Creating healthy boundaries is not easy, but it is possible and is essential for a …

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Therapy for Men's Mental Health

Therapy for Men’s Mental Health

Mental Health and Men Therapy for men’s mental health is something we speak about a lot these days, which is great. The stigma that often used to go with men talking about their feelings is reducing, thanks to more and more people talking about their struggles. Good mental health, just like good physical health is …

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Review of The Year

Review The Highlights of The Year It’s a great practise to do a review of the year, and December is the perfect time to do it. In this article, I will talk about how to review and reflect on what has gone well, and what you want to continue with next year. Start with the …

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What is Cognitive Hypnotherapy?

What is Cognitive Hypnotherapy? Cognitive Hypnotherapy covers a set of disciplines, which uses traditional hypnotherapy and cognitive thinking to find solutions to our problems.ย  I use Cognitive Hypnotherapy to help my clients improve their quality of life and find more fulfilment.ย  You can read more about it and watch a video here. How Did You …

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Setting Yourself Goals

Why Should You Set Yourself Goals? Setting yourself goals can really help you to find a sense of direction, because you know that you are working towards achieving something. Having an end goal in mind, makes each day more meaningful, giving you a greater sense of purpose. This helps you to feel more motivated and …

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Inner Confidence and Personal Style – Live Event

Inner Confidence and Personal Style – Live Event I have an exciting live event to tell you about! Discover Your Confidence Inside and Out Weds 22nd June 7.00 pm – 8.30 pm Early Bird ticket ยฃ10 only at Chi Chi’s Brunch and Nights 604 Green Lanes London N13 5RY Inner Confidence and Outer Style A …

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What is PTSD?

What is PTSD? Post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD for short is a mental health problem that people can develop after experiencing or witnessing traumatic events. These events could be wide-ranging. It is estimated that 1 in 3 people who witness a serious accident or shared traumatic event will develop PTSD. It is not known why …

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How to Find a Qualified Hypnotherapist

Finding the Right Hypnotherapist I have decided I would like to try hypnotherapy and now I am looking for someone qualified to work with. How do I find a qualified hypnotherapist? Does that sound like you? This article will help you consider the right questions to ask yourself and what you should be looking for …

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Does Online Hypnotherapy Work?

Is Online Hypnotherapy Effective? Yes, online hypnotherapy is an extremely effective way of working with a hypnotherapist like me, to get past the obstacles in your way. Working on Zoom creates a connection quickly, as we can make eye contact and see each other’s expressions clearly. I have written this article to help answer some …

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