Phobias are one of the areas which can be solved successfully with hypnotherapy, sometimes relatively quickly.

Where Do Our Fears and Phobias come From?

Most often fears are learnt. Environmental factors like the families we grow up in and the local culture go a long way in influencing a child's understanding of the world. A fear can turn into a phobia when a negative personal experience occurs, leaving a deep memory. Often these negative experiences occur early on in a person's life - usually before the age of ten.

Some experiences are actually dangerous, but sometimes due to the limited understanding of a child, the frightening episode becomes all encompassing and continues along the journey with the child into adult life.

How Phobias Can Develop

Someone who gets chased and bitten by a dog as a child is likely to becoming very scared or phobic about dogs - their mind decides that 'dogs bite; they are dangerous'. Phobias can also get compounded by a series of negative experiences, which add to the fear each time and strengthen the belief. So if a negative experience happens over and over again, it is more likely to develop into a phobia. That said, a one-off experience can be equally damaging.

The mind will do all that it can to protect the person, by staying away from dogs; crossing the street when they see a dog, avoiding parks and so on. Some of these decisions are conscious and some are unconscious, which is why I work on these different levels with my clients.

A few years ago I was bitten by an Alsatian, on my head, of all places. It was scary experience. But as an adult I could rationalise the event and think 'not all dogs bite' - if it had happened in my childhood, it could have developed into a full-blown phobia.

How to Get Rid of a Phobia

There are some simple steps to reducing or eliminating a phobia with Cognitive Hypnotherapy - it is possible to make huge changes in one session. As I work with each person on a case by case basis, I don't use scripts but tailor my sessions to your needs. I decide on which strategies to use depending on how your mind is holding onto the fear. It can be a quick and relatively painless therapy, leaving you more in control, with a sense of relief  and making life more manageable.

A client who developed a phobia of being out in the sun said:

I am so pleased I found Zeenat. She was the right person for me to talk to and she really helped me deal with my panic attacks  which started after being in the sun on holiday, suffering heatstroke and sun-burn. After that, every time I was in the sun I would feel anxious and panicky.  This year I was afraid to book a summer holiday for this reason.  However, after having 4 sessions with Zeenat, I felt so much calmer and more in control and I was able to have a wonderful summer holiday feeling comfortable and relaxed.  I am so thankful to her.

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