Hypnotherapy for Procrastination

I wonder how many times have you wanted to get started with a project only to keep putting it off? I know I certainly have. I’m sure almost everyone on the planet is familiar with the phrase ‘Just do it’ which is trademarked by Nike as their memorable of tagline to get people moving and running in their shoes. The usefulness of this phrase, I think comes from its ‘make no excuses’ attitude. There is no wiggle room, no option to just do it… tomorrow. The Oxford English Dictionary describes procrastination as ‘The action of delaying or postponing something’ and Edward Young wrote in his poem Night thoughts that ‘procrastination is the thief of time’.

Despite us knowing all of this, and also knowing the feelings of disappointment, or even despondency we can feel having procrastinated over something important… again, some of us continue to do it.

So how do we change this? Well, ask yourself: do you respond better to the carrot or the stick? In other words, do you prefer to move towards something good, or away from something bad?

And are there times when you don’t procrastinate? And when you do procrastinate, can you figure out what are the common strands between those activities that you stall over?

These are some of the questions I would ask you over the phone, in a consultation, but asking them of yourself could start to give you some clues as to the roots of this problem.

As with so many of the issues I can help you with, serial procrastination comes from the unconscious part of the mind, somehow overriding the thinking brain, and taking over the reigns.

I can help you get over this and other similar issues. Pick up the phone today and find out how.

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