Get Back on Track

I came to Zeenat seeking some help after I’d had a few career and personal roadblocks which had completely shot my confidence. Through working with her I was able to talk openly and honestly about some of the mental blocks I'd had and put mechanisms in place to acknowledge and cope with them better.

I found Zeenat to be an exceptional listener, whose priority is to get you back on track to live your life the way it's intended. I wouldn’t hesitate to speak to her again in future if I face any more issues, as she provides a very friendly, confidential space for you to be able to get to the root of what's getting in the way.

LDB, Account Manager

I Am Happy and Free Now

I have recently completed a 12 week programme with Zeenat after deciding that I needed to have a therapeutic approach to work through a trying time. Zeenat is a warm and friendly person who is so empathic and easy to talk to. I instantly felt comfortable and at ease and in a very short space of time I could see and feel differences in the way I felt, my outlook and my approach to things that were a challenge before. Zeenat was brilliant at guiding the programme sessions to cover all the elements I had mentioned were a concern for me, but we also had time to explore other areas that had arisen. I have been able to make changes for the better to make me happier and for this I am grateful to Zeenat for helping me, encouraging me and giving me those tools to do this. Zeenat has made an amazing difference in my life, thank you!

NR, Charity Branch Officer

Regained My Sense of Purpose Review

I could not recommend Zeenat enough; her warm aura makes you feel immediately comfortable in a space where you are not judged. I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders, helping me regain happiness and a sense of purpose. She taught me techniques best suited for my character, allowing me to understand my body and my mind better, giving me logical reasoning to everything that I have endured.

SP, Data Engineer

Anxious Stomach is Now Calm Review

Working with Zeenat was a positive, rewarding and uplifting experience – I no longer felt like I was alone, as her metaphors explanations clarified why I was feeling the way I did. The timeline work helped to bring everything to the surface, which was affecting me in the present. It helped me acknowledge, understand and let go of the negative feelings which had been restricting my life for years. The physical symptoms had made my life so difficult, yet after a few sessions, they were gone! There is no need to struggle alone. Reach out for help. You will be glad you did.

HY, Social Media Manager

Free From Anxiety Review

I had been struggling with anxiety for most of my life, but the wonderful hypnotherapy sessions helped me to change my way of thinking. Zeenat is a natural therapist and her lovely warm and professional manner helped to put me at ease immediately.

I came away from the session floating on air, feeling stronger and more confident. It was like a lovely oasis of calm in the hecticness of everyday life. The practical coaching we did was really insightful, and I've been able to put it into practice immediately to reduce anxieties and feel so much better. I am finally free.

SR, Events Coordinator

Changing My Way of Thinking Review

My hypnotherapy sessions with Zeenat have been a very positive experience. Zeenat is truly kind in nature, and makes you feel very comfortable from the start. She is very thorough and explores deeply what concerns you have, and what you wish to achieve.

I have noticed a significant difference in my overall outlook in life, as well as my behaviours and actions. It was my intention to change certain thought patterns, which Zeenat has helped me to achieve.

I am truly grateful for Zeenat’s help and I highly recommend hypnotherapy for anyone who is struggling in any aspect of their life.


RM, General Practitioner

Stress Management Techniques Review

Zeenat’s approach is very professional and she puts you at ease. The assessment and subsequent sessions went into great depth and detail, allowing you to identify the core of the problem. She promotes self management as you are given self help techniques and inter-session tasks to practise. The hypnosis recordings helped me reach a more optimistic and positive mindset. The relaxation techniques Zeenat taught me brought me a sense of calm and I am now able to differentiate when I am actually experiencing the stress response, and how to counter it. Each appointment gave me a deeper insight into the anxiety and low mood, going deeper into the issue and thinking outside the box.


LW, Physiotherapist

Growth in Self-Confidence

Zeenat and the therapy she provides have improved my life beyond measure. I have so much more confidence in myself and in my own judgement because of the work I have done with her I would recommend her to anybody (and have done so!)

CL, Sales Programme Manager

Healing Unresolved Issues From the Past

I appreciated the unconditional interest in me from the initial contact through to all of the sessions. With Zeenat, I never felt judged, and that gave me confidence to explore my own feelings, which led to some highly useful insights. I realised I had been carrying a lot of unresolved feelings from the past, which I was able to finally let go of.

I also liked the thorough note-taking, which enabled an effective summary of the previous session at the beginning of the next. Anything I had said before could be quickly tracked down and used. That helped enable me to see things from a different, and probably more objective perspective.

My son made the recommendation to me, and I am so happy I sought Zeenat's help.

GC, Volunteer Manager

Healing Difficult Emotions Review

Zeenat has helped me along an expedition, which has empowered me to choose to have a better, more fulfilled life. Her sensitive professional approach unraveled what started out as a muddle of difficult emotions. Zeenat has now given me the tools to understand the emotions by exploring previous experiences and revisiting them. The hardest part was deciding that I was ready to change; the rest has been an enlightening, successful journey.

D W, Rolls Royce

Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss Review

Working with Zeenat started me off on a path of finally finding what I was looking for career wise. I was a primary school teacher and I am now training to be a speech therapist. This was a surprising outcome as I went for weight loss! Strangely enough I have lost 2 stone since finding this new career path. At 53 I had the idea that neither were achievable. I believe the talking sessions and the words in the download have guided me to make decision making easier and that the process continued in the months after I stopped seeing Zeenat. So it was not a quick fix but a long term process with lasting results. I have gained a tool box of strategies and will use all of them again and again over the years.

HG, Speech Therapy Student

Healing from Depression

I have been suffered depression on and off since I was 19 but in the last 18 months I had certainly taken a turn for the worse. Despite having a beautiful baby girl I felt so stressed and low about everything. My relationship was suffering, I had gone from being excited about the future to dreading it and from positive about everything to negative. I went along to see Zeenat and all I can say is that in 6 weeks she has me almost back to my old self. I will carry on working with Zeenat for as long as it takes. She is a lovely lady who genuinely cares for the people who come to her for help. Please don’t hesitate in going.

DL, Client Manager

Healing Difficult Relationships Review

Zeenat has enabled me to use the resources I have to reduce the stress and fix the fractured relationships that I was living with. I went to her because of my over-eating and we quickly released that that the tip of the iceberg. We have now dealt with the underlying problems and I can truly say with hand on heart I feel a lot better. I have a bounce in my step,  a sparkle in my eyes and I am a lot happier then I have been in years. My family see the changes and they too are happier because of them. I now have the tools to deal with stressful situations whether at home or elsewhere. If you really really want to get help then try Zeenat. She rescued me from becoming the embittered and desperately sad person I was becoming, bringing sadness to my family. Thank you Zeenat.

SA, Teaching Assistant

Low Confidence at Work Review

I reached out to Zeenat in an effort to deal with confidence issues in the workplace. She has prepared 3 recordings for me. I can honestly say, the positive effect of these sessions and downloads has been unquestionable - and has helped me incredibly in a new job. Challenges that I would have previously found daunting have become as simple as breathing. If you have not tried Cognitive Hypnotherapy before, I urge you to give it a go - Zeenat has a very calming and sunny disposition which instantly puts you at ease, and enables you to get the most out of the experience.

CG, Director of Sales

Reaching My Personal Goals Review

My experience of hypnotherapy with Zeenat was very helpful and positive, and has brought me full awareness of who and where I am now, and what I need to do to rebalance my life. Her approach was gentle at all times, and she quickly made me feel relaxed. After the first session, Zeenat created a hypnotherapy recording, and I listened repeatedly. This helped me to communicate with my unconscious mind, providing new learning and guidance on making the right changes to bring back contentment into my life. The work we did together helped me create a dialogue with my unconscious mind, bringing awareness of my inner potential to meet the goals that I desire to make in my life. I fully recommend Zeenat to help you too.

TT, Teacher

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