Self-esteem is how we describe a person’s overall sense of self-worth or personal value. This is to do with how much we appreciate and like ourselves. We might feel bad about ourselves when we are feeling low or after a run of bad luck. Self-esteem issues can stem from childhood or from situations like relationships. The good news is, we can absolutely improve our self-esteem, just like our confidence.


Self-worth is how much you value yourself, as a person. Your ideas, thoughts and expressions are all valid and worthwhile. Sometimes this view of ourselves is damaged by our experiences. There are simple ways you can improve and balance your self-worth by changing what and who you are listening to. You can learn to trust yourself again, if that trust has been eroded. Sometimes this happens in destructive or abusive relationships. These could be in your adult home or in the home you grew up in.


I use hypnosis among many other techniques and tools to help build up my clients’ self-esteem, including lots of tasks set for homework. By working on your self-esteem every day, you will be building up your positive self-regard, increasing your self-love and resilience to face the future with positivity. I believe self-love is the best gift you can give yourself, and it is something you can work on every day.

You can learn how to improve your self-esteem here.

You can also work with me to develop your skills and build your self-esteem.

‘My self-esteem has grown immensely’

Working with Zeenat has been great! From the initial contact by email, to first meeting face to face and through all the sessions, I appreciated the unconditional interest in me. I never felt judged, and that gave me confidence to explore my own feelings, which led to some highly useful insights.

When I first arrived in the therapy room, I didn’t like myself that much, and could barely look in the mirror. I am now building on my relationship with myself, the most important one I have. My self-esteem has grown immensely.

PB, IT consultant

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