Coaching for Children

…Through Playing, Listening and Talking

As an experienced teacher and hypnotherapist I am now offering Ollie Coaching – a creative and fun approach to building resilience and well-being in children. Using the character of Ollie, from the imaginative range of books including  ‘Ollie and his Superpowers’ and ‘Ollie and the Golden Stripe’, therapist Alison Knowles has created a wonderful world which is easy for children to access, where they can connect to the character and learn to solve their own problems.

Ollie and his Super Powers front cover
As Ollie’s superpowers are actually his feelings and emotions, a child is able to dissociate from their own issue and use Ollie as a means to help them solve their problem. Using child-friendly language, reading the Ollie books, using creativity and play, I can help a child can learn how to make positive feelings bigger and stronger, like strength and excitement and negative ones smaller and weaker, until they disappear.

The child will learn about the magic library in Ollie’s mind, which stores his memories, some of which upset or scare him. They will learn that as he’s older now, those memories are no longer scary.

As an Ollie approved coach, I have undertaken training with Alison herself, and adhere to strict guidelines for working with children. As Alison says:

“Within Ollie’s world there are no bad kids! We truly believe all behaviour serves a purpose and if a child is struggling and presenting a behaviour that is causing an issue, the child is not the issue – it’s something they are struggling with!
Our youngsters just don’t have the language to explain what’s going on inside them and they just want to please so that they feel love and security. Sometimes the feelings of confusion on how to achieve that bubble up into frustration – and we see that as anger.

With Ollie, we don’t teach children our words; we listen and learn theirs. If one child says they feel sad – we don’t presume to know what that means because my version of what feeling sad means wont be the same as yours or theirs. We listen, we play and we talk and we help them describe what they mean by that feeling they call sad or angry. Rarely will it equate to my definition of the word.

The biggest frustration for a child is believing they have no control over that emotion, so by giving it substance – turning it in to a little version of them we call a super power. We give them a means to separate it from themselves so they can now say – a part of me feels sad or angry, and then we help them to help that little part by talking to it and helping them choose a team of other super powers like happy brave or calm to support the troubled part and make it feel heard and safe.”

I can work with your child to help empower them and to take charge of their emotions, instead of being controlled by them in a number of areas:

          • Bullying                                                                                      olliedoll_large
          • Sleeping issues
          • Bed-wetting
          • Lacking confidence
          • Anger
          • Eating issues
          • Motivation
          • Nervousness
          • Anxiety
          • Stress
          • Worries about changing schools, changes to the family, moving home, illness or medical treatment.


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