Managing Pain & Chronic Illness

I specialise in working with people who are living with a chronic illness or auto-immune disease and people who are living with pain on a daily or regular basis. I can help you learn to deal with not only the direct symptoms of the illness, but also its knock-on effects such a situation can have on your lifestyle. Whether this is something you have lived with for some time, or you have been recently diagnosed, I can help you identify which areas you can manage most easily, and help you to come to terms with what the illness or pain actually means in your life.


Illness and Disease

I work on several levels with my clients, on any issue, and this is definitely the case with illness and pain. The actual disease can be seen as the physical manifestation, whereas the illness can be seen as the everyday effects - how the disease actually affects your life day to day.Β I try to help you to deal with day to day living and I also work with you to alleviate the psychological effects of living with continual pain, or in some cases disability Β which can arise from certain conditions. For many people who are newly diagnosed, there can be a period of denial, or refusing to acknowledge what they can or can't do. There is often an extensive period of trial and error, where doctors, therapists and the person's nearest and dearest try to work out how to best manage the condition for the individual. This can be a frustrating and difficult time for some people.

My aim is to help you cope and learn to live with - and dare I say it - embrace your new lifestyle. As I have personal experience of many of the issues that arise from chronic illness, auto-immune disease and pain, I feel I am in a good position to be able to help you, as I have with many others. Often it is the case that the condition has so many far-reaching effects (mostly negative ones) that can hold you back - and once one part of the jigsaw is complete, lots of other things can easily fall into place. Obviously, there are no guarantees that I can give you, but I have successfully helped others who have:

Please contact me to find out how I can help you to look after yourself, improve your health and live your life better.

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