Weight Loss


There has been a lot of talk in the press about the hypno-gastric band, where a therapist helps you believe you have undergone gastric bypass surgery. Perhaps it works for some, but I believe there is a gentler but equally effective way to help you with your weight loss. We all know what we need to do in order to lose weight; we need to restrict our intake of food, and increase the amount of exercise we do. But if it was as simple as that, you wouldn't be reading this, and we wouldn't have the obesity problems that we are facing in the Western world today.

It is most likely our weight problems stem from a behaviour or belief which is driven by the unconscious mind, and that's where I can help you.

Rather than sticking a plaster over the wound, ย I can help you get to the core of your weight issues. I can help you to stop over-eating, encourage you to eat the right things, and increase your desire to exercise. By understanding what motivates you, I can help you begin to change your habits.


Together we can:

  • create a bright compelling idea orย visionย of the future you would like for yourself
  • help you reduce your cravings and eat more consciously
  • increase your motivation to exercise and to choose healthier options
  • disrupt your old patterns of behaviour andย break the chain of negative thinking
  • shift the focus away from food and towards what you want to do and have more of in your life
  • reframe your thoughts about events from the past and update your thinking patterns
  • stop emotional over-eating and improve your over-all happiness

A Case Study:

Sometimes after a session it becomes apparent that the problem isn't actually to do with weight. This case study highlights one such instance.

A client S, came to me for some support with her desire to lose weight. She described how she would eat sensibly all day, and eat meals with her family, but would then binge on ice-cream late at night. At the height of her problems, she was eating half a litre of ice-cream every night, sometimes getting out of bed in the middle of the night to eat some more.

This was taking its toll on her health, and her self-esteem, so she asked for help. After one meeting we established that her problems were not really to do with weight gain. She talked about a long-standing relationship which was far from healthy. We worked on that, and when I saw her the following week, she said that she not eaten any ice-cream. As her relationship issues continued to resolve over the next few weeks, she started an exercise regime, and the desire to eat ice-cream disappeared. Because we worked on the root causes for her behaviours, which were driven by her unconscious mind (- she did not want to be eating ice-cream in the middle of the night!), we were able to stop them for the long-term. After a while of doing something new, or indeed not doing something, her brain became used to the new 'normal' and the desire to over-indulge went away. Even though our work focused on improving her relationship, she no longer wanted to eat ice-cream in the middle of the night. This behaviour, which was being driven by her unconscious mind, disappeared as soon as she made changes to improve that key relationship in her life.

(Some details have been changed to protect the identity of the client.)

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