Surviving to Thriving – Facebook Live Event

Calling all parents or carers of young people, especially those that have been adversely affected by the pandemic

Come and join us in:

Surviving to Thriving in Lockdown

– Support for Your Child’s Health, Wellbeing and Education

We have 10 Expert Lives

for 10 minutes on 10 days at 10.00 am

Through our Facebook Lives will help you cope with the overwhelm of:

  • home-schooling
  • online learning
  • lack of routines
  • lack of socialising
  • limited exercise
  • increased screen time
  • exams being cancelled
  • missing out on pivotal years at school
  • worrying about their parents
  • anxiety about the pandemic and more

In these 10 minute Facebook Lives we are aiming to:

  1. Help parents to support their youngsters from a holistic, mental health, physical health and educational perspective.

  2. Engage the young people to be pro-active with their education, health and well-being.

The hope is that these lives will bring up discussion and communication within families and support them to move from simply surviving to thriving.


This event is finished. Please contact me to book a discovery call, or send me an email here. 



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