Stress and Burnout

Stress versus Burnout: A Quick Guide for Busy Professionals

Understanding the difference between stress versus burnout is vital for prevention and recovery, especially for busy professionals.  Many of my clients are far up a corporate ladder with a family to feed, so frequent run-ins with stress and burnout are common in their world. But they don’t always know what they’re dealing with, and they …

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Surviving to Thriving – Facebook Live Event

Calling all parents or carers of young people, especially those that have been adversely affected by the pandemic Come and join us in: Surviving to Thriving in Lockdown – Support for Your Child’s Health, Wellbeing and Education We have 10 Expert Lives for 10 minutes on 10 days at 10.00 am Through our Facebook Lives …

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Support Sessions for NHS Staff

Supporting NHS Staff I hope you and your families are all well. I am currently working from home, taking care of my family and making the best of the time during the Coronavirus crisis. Like so many of you, around the world, my family and I are spending every day at home, only going out …

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Work diary on a desk next to a vase of flowers

Well-Being at Work

Promoting Well-being in the Community and Wellness at Work I’m so excited to be working with Emma-Louise of Eat Live Wellness this month on our new project. We have been sharing our love of health and well-being by providing yummy pots of kimchi and krauts to eat with lunch, at local offices. We will back …

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