The Authentic Connection Podcast

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The Authentic Connection Podcast

I have created my podcast to support my listeners who are working on their personal development. I hope to help you improve your relationship with yourself and others.

Series 1 of the Authentic Connection

In the first series we will be delving in so you can get to know yourself better, think about what makes you tick, what holds you back and what brings you joy. These are all so important for you to be able to create the best possible outcomes and life for yourself.

The episodes are all about supporting you in your interactions and relationships with others, so that you can experience harmonious relationships, which bring more contentment and joy.

Feel Better About Yourself

When you are feeling good about yourself, it is much easier to interact well in other relationships whether they are in your professional or personal life.

The Authentic Connection podcast is all about bringing you closer into alignment with your values so you can live the life you want to create in integrity.

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My Podcast and Book

The perfect companion for the podcast is my book: Too Kind: A Survival Guide for Sensitive Souls which you can buy here.


Shownotes for The Authentic Connection Podcast

The shownotes for the episodes will be available here.

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