Well-Being at Work

Promoting Well-being in the Community and Wellness at Work

I’m so excited to be working with Emma-Louise of Eat Live Wellness this month on our new project. We have been sharing our love of health and well-being by providing yummy pots of kimchi and krauts to eat with lunch, at local offices. We will back as I will be running free relaxation sessions for all members of staff to relax, reset and take a break from the stresses and strains of daily life.

Do you run a business or office in North London?

Let us help you and your colleagues de-stress, learn deep relaxation techniques and heal your gut.

These little pots of goodness help you heal your immune system from the inside, supporting your gut microbiome with pre-biotics and pro-biotics. My relaxing meditation helps reset your mind and body, making it easier to cope with every-day stresses. We are happy to plan the sessions for the needs of your colleagues or your team. A healthy workforce is a happy one, with fewer colds and coughs, a more resilient mindset and a happier place to work all round.

Get in touch if you’d like us to come to your office or place of work in North London for a free session and kimchi samples. Alternatively, contact me to discuss your requirements and we can plan the sessions to suit your needs.

Email zeenat@zeenatahmedpeto.com today!

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