What is a Hypnotherapy Download?

If you do a Google search for ‘hypnosis download’ or ‘hypnotherapy download’, you will get tens of entries taking you to websites where you can instantly download tracks to help you sleep, give up smoking, eat less, exercise more … the list is endless. The difference between the downloads I create and other ones which are available on the internet, is that the latter are pre-recorded for a generic audience. Sometimes that is absolutely fine, and the generic downloads do work for lots of people; probably 40% of the people who try them out (Quest Institute). But that means that there are a remaining 60% of people who don’t get the full benefit from the download which they have purchased. This is because the suggestions are aimed at a general audience, but there is no way for the creator of the download to be able to make it relevant to all potential listeners.
If you have tried one of these generic downloads and not had much success, don’t despair. It doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from this great medium for change. It just means that the suggestions were not aimed specifically enough for you personally.  I write and record a personalised download for each of my clients after I have met them and had the first hypnotherapy session with them, because I can base all of my suggestions on their solution state – what they want instead of what they already have. This makes it easier and easier for them to achieve the changes they desire. I am now writing downloads for people who live too far away for face-to-face therapy sessions. This is done by us having a Skype or telephone session, after which I write the download and send it to you via email. As ever you can contact me on 07961 389 030 or email me at zeenat@zeenatahmedpeto.com.

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