What is Cognitive Hypnotherapy?

Cognitive Hypnotherapy was created by Trevor Silvester of The Quest Institute, where I trained, in Regent’s College, London. The main attributes of Cognitive Hypnotherapy is that the onus for change comes from you, the client, and is facilitated by me, the therapist. My job is to guide and support you to create the changes you seek, through talking and using a variety of activities which are taken from many different therapies including Transactional Analysis, Positive Psychology and Cognitive Therapy. So where does the hypnosis part come in, you might ask? It is true that we may do some ‘eyes closed work’ during the session, but most often, I will give you an MP3 download to listen to just as you fall asleep, so that the changes you are making through the session can be continued and embedded by your unconscious mind as you sleep. 

I look forward to writing articles which I hope will be helpful. Happy reading!

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