What To Expect in Your First Cognitive Hypnotherapy Session

People I meet have all sorts of preconceptions and misconceptions about what hypnotherapy is and how hypnotherapists work. So I thought I would write a blog post to help clear up some of the mystery.

First of all, not all hypnotherapists work in the same way; and they have different backgrounds in terms of their training. There are so many schools of thought which feed into this vast area, which can be quite confusing for the lay-person looking for someone to help them with a problem. My area is called Cognitive Hypnotherapy, and it is so named because it uses both the a) cognitive and conscious parts of your mind, and b) the unconscious, or sub-conscious parts to help you change the thought processes that go on to help you make decisions. After our sessions,  you can find yourself making changes without even realising it, or without even trying.

So how does that work?

Our first point of contact after you email or telephone me will be where we have a chat on the phone for you to tell me a bit about your issue and for you to ask me any questions you have. We then meet in person for our first session – where I will be asking you lots of questions to find out what the problem is, how it starts, how it makes you feel, how it stops and what you want instead.

It’s after this first session that I write your MP3 download for you. This is the part which speaks to your unconscious mind, and I ask you to listen to the download every night for at least 2 weeks.

Many people find that huge changes take place after even one session, as long as they continue to listen to the download, as it is loaded with suggestions of what you want instead of where you are now. I also give you homework and tasks to do at the end of each session – this is the conscious part, because you have to think about it to do it.

So to summarise, in your first session:

  • I will be asking you lots of questions – trying to get under the bonnet of what is driving the behaviour or the problem you wish to solve.
  • I won’t be swinging a watch before your eyes and speaking in a funny voice. Nor will I be controlling you in any way or getting you to perform tricks like a stage hypnotist might do!

Hopefully this post will allay some fears or help you understand more of how I work, but of course you can email me at zeenat@zeenatahmedpeto.com  with any questions or feel free to call me on 07961 389 030 to find out how Cognitive Hypnotherapy could help you.

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