March 2021 Workshops

restore your

Restore Your Emotional Balance Workshop

I invite you to spend time focusing on your emotional well-being in this workshop

Together we will reflect on the events and emotions of the past year:

  • What has gone and the losses we have felt
  • The loss of freedom, time, experiences
  • The loss of loved ones
  • The disruptions that have occurred and feelings of sorrow and loss
  • global anxiety which has built up
  • the effects on yourself, your family, friends and people outside of your circle
  • The thoughts and feelings recent events may have triggered
  • links to past painful feelings you have experienced before

If you feel that you need a space to focus on yourself, to restore, heal and replenish, please come along.


About the Workshop

  • Group discussion and break-out rooms
  • Journaling activities 
  • EFT/tapping 
  • A Tarot Card or affirmation card
  • NLP Techniques to support change
  • Visualisation and group hypnosis 
  • Next steps to work on
  • Distance Reiki for the group after the session

Restore Your Emotional Balance Workshop

Saturday 13th March 10.00 am - 12.00 pm



(Early Bird price £20.00 until 9th March 2021)

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