Hypnotherapy for Health Live Online Talk

Hypnotherpay for Health online talk poster Zeenat Ahmed-Peto

Hypnotherapy for Health

In this online session I will be talking about how hypnotherapy can help you to improve and maintain your health.

I'll be talking about:

  • Mindset - and the importance of being positive, having a sense of agency and self-efficacy
  • How to maintain a healthy mindset when you have chronic illnesses
  • Re-framing what we understand about being well or ill
  • How to build up a positive mindset and how to harness the power of the unconscious mind to support you
  • How unhealthy attachments can keep us stuck, their purpose and where they came from
  • How to let go of those unhealthy beliefs and behaviours and ow to introduce much healthier habits instead
  • How all of these changes can help you up-level your whole experience of life, improving all aspects
  • And more!


There will be time for a live Q & A session at the end.

The recordings will be emailed out to all that register so book your free slot today!

Live Local Event for Enfield Centre of Natural Health

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Create a Mindset of Success for 2023

Zeenat will be guiding your unconscious mind to align with your desires and support your goals for 2023.

Holistic Cognitive Hypnotherapist ZeenatΒ will guide you to create the mindset needed and help you to pick up useful habits which other people already have.

In preparation for the session, please think about your goals for the year. This could include what you would like to learn, achieve, improve, or experience this year.

You only need to come along with one clear goal (although you may have multiple goals) and be prepared to use your imagination. In this session we will use guided meditation to harness the power of your unconscious mind.

Please bring a notepad and pen to the session, and a shawl or blanket to drape around you during the meditation.


Weds 22nd February 2023 7.30 pm
Enfield Centre for Natural Health
Jubilee Hall
Enfield, EN2 0AJ
Tickets available on the door
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