A Little Bit About Me

I’ve had a lot of new visitors lately, welcome! I thought I’d tell you a bit about me and how I got to where I am now.

My Early Life

I was born and brought up in North London – Islington, Palmers Green and Enfield, which is where I am bringing up my family. We are 3 plus our cat. I studied at Surrey and Middlesex universities, and once qualified as a teacher I worked for 10 years in that profession. During that time, I experienced all sorts of highs and lows, including a devastating bereavement and the breakdown of my relationship. I was also working very hard, much harder than I could manage and suffered what I can only describe as burn-out. Living with chronic pain from an auto-immune condition and being unhappy was not a good combination. I spent a lot of my time trying to work out where things had gone so terribly wrong.

New Beginnings

A chance meeting with an old friend reminded me of my strong will and my curiosity to see things a different way. I undertook some sessions of therapy and started reading, learning and exploring, something I knew I was good at. I started to challenge the notion that only medicine could help my condition; surely my mind played a pivotal part? And so I rebuilt myself, with every tool available to me – including the love of my amazing family and good friends.

Positive Challenges

I left my teaching job, which I had loved and worked so hard at, but which had seen me crumble under the weight of my pain. Then I took a huge step up into my next job, training teachers and head teachers in my borough. This was a time of enormous growth and positive challenges for me. I met my life partner and we travelled the world. During our round the world adventure, I realised more and more that I was meant to help people and share my gifts, through a helping profession. I spent 2 years studying with the most reputable training institutions I could find and practising with many many clients.

My Love of Helping with Therapy!

I am life-long learner and I learn something new from each client. Doing holistic therapy work, working with the whole person and every aspect of their life makes me feel so connected and aligned to my purpose. My clients remind me daily why I was so drawn to helping people improve their lives and create deep happiness for themselves.

If you’d like to read how I’ve helped my clients, you can read more here: (scroll to the bottom of the page)


Phobia Removal

If you’d like to know about how I have used what I teach for myself have a look here:

Hypnotherapy for Visiting the Dentist

Hypnotherapy for Blood Tests

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