Self-Hypnosis to Help You with Blood Tests

It is said that all hypnosis is self-hypnosis. The hypnotic trances we go into every day are natural and normal states, which we drift in and out of at different times. How many times have you been so lost in a song, a book or a phone call, that you forget that the kettle has boiled, or that you have nearly missed your train stop? This is something your brain knows how to do already, so we can apply it to every day events, to help us achieve things.

I have used self-hypnosis to help me have quick and pain-free blood tests. I need to have them regularly and have really struggled in the past with this, so I have sympathy if that’s you too!
Once you learn how to get yourself into a focussed trance state, you can make everything you choose to do in life that much easier.

Now back to those pesky blood tests. This is how I prepare my body and mind for an upcoming one:

1. I sip water for 24 hours before the test. Not drinking enough makes it harder to find those elusive veins! Drinking too much just before can skew the results.
2. I keep warm… really warm. Like too many clothes. This helps the veins appear more easily as the blood moves further to the surface of the skin to cool you down.
3. I walk briskly just before I arrive and try not to sit still for too long.
4. Once inside the cubicle, I chat, chat , chat. About anything which takes my mind off what’s happening. By doing this I am usingΒ  a different part of my brain, which means I feel less sensation and more relaxed and therefore not I am not tensing up my muscles.
5. If it doesn’t happen right away (and the results aren’t urgent), I go away and make a new appointment. Having had the human pincushion experience, I now take control and come back another day.

If just reading this blog post makes you wince and you don’t feel able to even read it, let alone consider having a blood test, you may have a phobia. I have successfully treated lots of people with needle phobias, and ones to do with medical procedures, so get in touch to create a plan to get over this with hypnotherapy. It will make your life so much easier and necessary procedures and test more manageable.

Email or call me on 07961 389 030 to discuss how I can help you.

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